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Lighting applications have been seen in audio platforms and furniture for some time with one thing in common: they all use glass and none of them had homogeneous radiation of light on the surface of the platform. Glass is known for being suboptimal for putting high quality audio equipment on its surface and negatively impacting sound quality. Luscendo uses a patented technology by which lighting can be applied without using glass.

Luscendo uses highly sophisticated, innovative material like translucent concrete and translucent wood, together with materials such as acrylic. Translucent concrete and translucent wood are used for the first time ever on a Worldwide basis for HighEnd audio equipment.


These new materials open up a plethora of possibilities to design the most aesthetic audio platforms and furniture combined with a stunning impact on sound quality.

Our products are manufactured in small quantities to the highest standards of craftsmanship. If required, we can work with our customer’s interior designers or architects to develop a bespoke solution. Just ask, and we will create something uniquely for you.